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Colorful Bean Bags

Colorful Bean Bags
Short Description

Bean Bags

Build locomotor skills for your children with Colorful Bean Bags.

Set of x15 bean bags. Made with wacky patterns and colorful combinations of fabrics. The kids go nuts for the expression. These bean bags have been used in fitness classes with children 2-8 in preschools and in private training as a great exercise and game tool. Countless coordination and athletic skills can be trained with bursts of energy and giggles of fun.
Use these for your kids at home at any age. Select what you would like the bag to be filled with from the list below.


Dimensions: 5"x5" each. Assorted colors, stuffed with peas, rice, corn or beans!


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Colorful Beans Bags to play tossing games or develop coordination and many other fitness skills.